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It all started with one big idea: Give truck drivers an easy-to-use, accurate tool to perform their pre- and post-trip inspections. This tool would use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track and transmit data, making inspections virtually automatic. Why does it matter? Because solid inspections ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

Eric Manegold had the idea. Bill and Brett Brinton had the business expertise. Mike McQuade and Dan Mayer had the technical know-how. Together, they created the first Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) system in history. The original model was made from something fairly low-tech: a piece of wood. The first prototype was described as a “remote control on steroids.” Though designed for the trucking industry, this powerful tool would be launched in a very unusual way. 

Soon, Zonar would be on board with trucking fleets, commercial vehicles, and school buses all across the country, helping fleet managers increase compliance, safety, efficiency, and savings. Over the years, Zonar has continued to grow and innovate, winning numerous patents and technology awards, including Frost and Sullivan’s North American Telematics Product Innovation of the Year, Edison Awards for Innovation, and Connected World magazine’s M2M Award for Innovation.  For more information about Zonar, visit 

Features and Benefits

  • Syncs assets from Zonar to the application.
  • Periodically captures vehicle miles data from Zonar.
  • Picks up defects from your Zonar inspections to create the work orders in the application.
  • Communicates repaired defects back up to Zonar for driver approval.

*If you are in need of help with implementing this connector you may reach out to Technical Support at the number shown below.

In order to have a successful and timely set-up, there is some information you will need to gather before calling our Technical Support.  Listed below is the needed information that you will be asked to give our Support team:

  • You must contact Zonar and get a custom Zonar URL.  API URL is the customer ID with (https://[customer ID]
  • Obtain a Zonar Customer ID, username, and password.

 After you have gathered the information listed above, feel free to contact our Technical Support team who can assist with the setup.