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Eptura Knowledge Center

2023 October Eptura Asset Product Release

General Maintenance

Released October 26th

  • Meters Readings - When viewing meter readings, some assets were not displaying the correct life-to-date meter reading. This has been fixed.
  • Inventory Fluid Log Consumption - When viewing the activity timeline for a fluid, fluid consumption would display as a positive value rather than a negative value as expected, to indicate that the fluid has been consumed. This has been fixed.
  • Purchase Orders - When entering the sales tax rate, only two decimals were supported. This caused inaccurate calculations to display on the PO. We have now corrected this issue and the tax rate now supports six decimals.
  • Localization Date Formats - When generating a report using a custom date range,  an invalid date error message would display if a region override with a date format of DD/MM/YY was in use. 
  • Asset Downtime Rules - When a critical request is made for an asset with a rule enabled to trigger downtime upon creation of the request, downtime was not recorded. This has been fixed.
  • Work Order Management Filters - When filtering for all active work orders after performing an advanced search from the work orders list, the previous advanced search results were populating both active and completed work orders. This has been fixed.

General Maintenance

Released October 12th

  • PM Calendar - When clicking on a PM from an asset’s calendar, a dialog would display with a Done button. However, the Done button was not functional. We have now removed the Done button from the dialog.

  • Asset Log Detail Report - When running an Asset Log Summary Report, the Operator was populating incorrectly. This has now been corrected.

  • Employee Management KPI - When viewing the KPI’s from the employee management screen, the login trend was not populating any results. We have now fixed the issue.

  • Vendor Management - When opening the vendor detail form, the X button was covered up, making it difficult to exit the form. That was annoying, so we fixed it.

  • Imports - When importing assets through the import tool, double quote “ characters were being changed to single quotes ' upon importing. This issue has now been corrected.

  • Cycle Counts - When printing a cycle count, an Unable to Print error message would populate. This has now been resolved and cycle counts once again print as expected.

  • Work Order Labor Report - When viewing the work order labor report, dates and times displayed would not reflect the time zone offset. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Work Order Details - When opening a work order from a saved view, the work order screen would get stuck loading and populate a server disconnect message. That was annoying, so we fixed it.

  • Work Order Status History - When updating a work order to a status that requires a log entry, the work order status history was not reflecting which user modified the work order. This issue has now been resolved.