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Autodesk Tandem Integration

Autodesk Tandem is a digital twin solution, designed to deliver smarter buildings and operational excellence. By connecting data from the building’s lifecycle within the digital replica. This streamlines facility operations and extend asset lifespans with full digital handoff and access to critical asset data.

Autodesk Tandem and Eptura Asset integration provides a seamless digital handoff from design and construction to operations, bringing together essential asset data in a digital twin.


  • Eptura Requirements - The requirements include an instance of Eptura Asset that has been provisioned for the Tandem integration. 
  • Autodesk Tandem Requirements - The requirements include access to a digital twin hosted in Tandem.  The Tandem digital twin must implement the Eptura facility template.  Lastly, you must have an Autodesk Platform Services Application with API access to Eptura Asset.