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2024 April Eptura Asset Product Release

April's release includes:

  • Inventory Valuation Report Enhancement
  • Request Portal Enhancements
  • General Maintenance

Inventory Valuation Report Enhancement

Released April 10th

The Inventory Valuation report in the BI module has been enhanced to reflect the Inventory Valuation Report in the Reports module. Its purpose is to display the part number of the quantity that you actually have; display the average part cost; and display a sum total of the value. Therefore, it gives you a full valuation. The report contains the following filters and columns.


  • Valuation As Of filter - This lets you filter by date.
  • Valuation filter - This can be with Available Quantity or On hand Quantity.
  • Warehouse filter - This lets you filter for a warehouse or if you want to filter for all warehouses, then you can remove the filter.


  • Part #
  • Description
  • Type
  • Unit
  • On Hand
  • Available
  • Avgerage Part Cost
  • On Hand Cost


Learn about report generation in Buisness Intelligence (BI).

Request Portal Enhancements

Released April 10th

When you set your company’s locale now, your Request Portal will default to the same locale. For example, if your company’s locale is set to Italiana (Italia) you will see your Request Portal will be set automatically to Italiana (Italia).

Company settings


Portal settings


Learn more in Edit your Company Information and Create a Work Request Portal

General Maintenance

Released April 10th

  • Work Orders - When you go to assign a vendor, the search will now return the correct filtered list.
  • Cycle Counts - When you have larger counts, the system will now allow time to post all the counts.