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Vendor Portal

Much of your maintenance responsibilities may be performed by outside contractors or Vendors.  The Vendor Portal allows contractors to easily report back to you the work they performed and to list costs and expenses incurred while maintaining your assets and equipment. You'll enjoy greater ease in tracking and communicating with your vendor on a project, through the Vendor Portal. 

  • Generate and send an email to your vendor
  • Assign Work to a Vendor, and email the request directly to them
  • Vendor can accept or reject the work order from the email
  • Formatted to ideally work phone, tablet, or desktop email application
  • No vendor license or login is required for the vendor to interact with your work order!
  • Easy communication between the application and the vendor
  • Customize what the Vendor can see on the Work Order
  • Suggest what Vendor input you are looking for (pictures, attachments, signatures, etc.)
  • Vendor Status Updates appear on the Work Order
  • Easily change Vendor assigned
  • Invite your vendors to attach and submit their personal invoice when they are done with the work