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Schedule Groups


Creating a Scheduled Group manually is a simple process. In just a few simple steps, you can have a Scheduled Group up and running. The following steps will help you create a Scheduled Group:

This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  Click on the Modules tab, then click on the Schedule Groups icon in the ribbon on the main page.

2.  On the left panel, click on the New icon.

3.  Fill in the appropriate fields.

Schedule Group: and Collection: are required fields that must be filled out to manually create a Scheduled Group.

4.  When you have finished entering all the desired and required fields, click on the Save icon.  Once the Scheduled Group is saved, you have finished creating the Scheduled Group.


Description of Terms:

Schedule Group: Name designated for the Scheduled Group.

Collection: Grouping term for your Scheduled Groups.