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Create a To Do List

Add a To Do list to your Inspection Template is a straightforward way to provide step-by-step instructions to complete the inspection.

Below is an example of a To Do List.


Create a To Do List

  1. Select the section within the body of the Inspection Template and type and title. Click anywhere away from the field or press "enter" on your keyboard to save the title.


  1. Select the Question / Action field and select To Do List as the format.


  1. Describe the Action or Question in the Question / Action field.


  1. Select Add Option, type in the first task.


Additional Settings


  • Description - Add a description or further instructions to the section.
  • Required - Requires a user to complete the section before completing the inspection.
  • Allow "Check All" - Allows a user to check all tasks as completed at the same time.
  1. To add another task, press "enter" on your keyboard, or by clicking away from the field.


  1. To reorder the list of tasks, drag and drop.


Tasks are now ready to use on the Inspection Template.