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Work Orders - A ManagerPlus New User Training


Objective: To understand how Work Orders are created and used within ManagerPlus to maintain your assets.

In this session, you'll learn how about one of the most important parts of the ManagerPlus platform: Work Orders. While ManagerPlus is all about asset management, the actual management takes work. Tracking that work is what enables you to improve your performance and operations. You'll learn about the different types of Work Orders and how to incorporate parts, labor, service items, and more into your Work Orders.

Videos To Watch

[1]Work Reports - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar Duration 28:46. This video will introduce you to work orders and how to use them within ManagerPlus.

Unexpected work Management - A ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar  Duration 38:57. This video will help you track your reactive maintenance and make sure that you can create work orders on the go.

Work Order Repair, Parts, and Labor - ManagerPlus Cloud Webinar Duration 28:11. This video will teach you how to integrate your inventory and employee labor into a work order. [2]

Articles to Read

Creating a Work Order. Learn to create a new work order in ManagerPlus.

Definitions of Fields in a Work Order Learn the different customization options and fields that are available within a work order.

Adding a Service Item to a Work Order. Learn how to create individual tasks and include them as part of a single work order. This means that a work order can have multiple tasks  that must be completed to finish the work order.

Manually Adding Labor to a Work Order. How to add employee hours or labor to a work order manually.

Adding a Hyperlink to a Work Order. How to create internet links and associate them (or other hyperlinks) with a work order. These will then be accessible by those who perform the work.


Webinars to Attend

Work Order Creation and Management - A ManagerPlus Live Education Webinar. Here you can register to attend a webinar where you will get a real-time demonstration and explanation of Work Orders within ManagerPlus.