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A connector is a tool that allows the application to:

  • Share Data - Asset management information flows both ways when integrated via a Connector.  You can share data with other business applications you may use, making it easier to get more done in one place. This will allow you to gather data in a central location. The data can be used to create reports, dashboards, and graphs in the Business Intelligence module, giving you unprecedented insight into your business operations.
  • Maximize Visibility - Asset data can connect to Accounting Monitoring information which can flow into Eptura Asset. You will see a broader and granular view into your operations.
  • Improve Efficiency - No more manual entry or calculation to get the big picture. Consolidation of data provides information more quickly and accurately.

For connectors to work, they need to be synchronizedize with the application. That can be done by gathering the connectors database name, email address, password, and ensuring that you get a dedicated service account that is API enabled. After these items have been gathered, you will need to reach out to our technical support team who will help set up the connector for you. 

The following connectors are now available: