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Create a Failure Checklist

Add a Failure Checklist to your Inspection Template is a straightforward way to navigate critical checkpoints during the inspection.

Below is an example of a Failure Checklist.


Create a Failure Checklist

  1. Select the section within the body of the Inspection Template and type and title. Click anywhere away from the field or press "enter" on your keyboard to save the title.


  1. Select the Question / Action field and select Failure Checklist List as the format.


  1. Describe the Action or Question in the Question / Action field.


  1. Select Add Option, type in the first Inspection point.


  1. To add another line, press "enter" on your keyboard, or by clicking away from the field.


Additional Settings


  • Trigger Work Order - Select clipboard_e64660ffc657894012d741c453eb5460d.png to switch to clipboard_e9d8896fd7f73fc2cac8ecc376226e23d.png or  clipboard_ea974722c11c30f82bf3643015d007183.png
    • Off - No Work Order is created when a failure occurs
    • Any Failure - A Work Order is automatically created for every failure
    • Critical - A Work Order is automatically created for Critical failures only
  • Description - Add a description or further instructions to the section
  • Require Comment on Failure - Require a comment to be added as an explanation to the failure
  • Select Service Task - Select which corrective Service Task to associate to the Corrective Work Order being created due to a failure

To rearrange the list, drag and drop.


The Failure Checklist is now ready for use on the Inspection Template.