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Managing Notes on an Employee Certification


Managing notes in an Employee Certification is an important feature of creating a successful Employee Certification and can be easily done by following these few steps.

This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  Click on the Modules tab, then click on the Certifications icon on the main ribbon.

2.  Create a new Employee Certification or open an already existing Employee Certification from your Certification list.

If creating a new Employee Certification, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 3. 

3.  Click on the Notes tab on the bottom ribbon section.

4.  After clicking on the Notes tab, select the New Note icon.

To modify or edit a note, go to Step 6.

To delete a note, go to Step 7.

5.  Once the note section has opened, enter in the desired notes to the provided space, then, when completed, click on the Save icon to complete the process.

6.  To modify or edit a Note in an Employee Certification, click on the Update icon. You will then be able to edit the attached Note. Once completed, click on the Save icon.

7.  To delete an existing Note, click on the Delete icon. Confirm the deletion. Once confirmed, the Note is deleted.