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The Notify function has many tools that can help in the creation and implementation of Notifications.  Below are some of the basic instructions and best practices of the Notify function:

This article applies to + Basic, + Professional, and + Enterprise.


1.  Click on the Options tab on the main ribbon of ManagerPlus.

2.  Click on the Notify icon.

3.  On the left side of the screen are the folders Email Templates and Automated Tasks.  Here you will find a listing of all the available Notifications templates.   They are organized alphabetically.   By clicking on any of the templates, you can see what Notifications have been created.

4.  Clicking on the New icon, above the list of Notifications, a pop-up window appears, this time showing the templates listed in two different formats.  The first format is listed alphabetically, with a basic description and emailing type in a folder system on the left which is organized by their respective Module category.  From the drop-down menu, you can select All Records, Automated Tasks, or Email Templates.

At the bottom of this window, you have the option to choose whether it will be a List or Merge Notification.   When you are a subscriber to multiple Notifications, a List Notification will send you one email containing all the Notifications, whereas a Merge Notification will send you separate, individual emails for each Notification.

5.  To start the process of setting up a Notification, click on the desired template and select whether this will be a List or Merge Notification, then click on the Next arrow and follow the set of instructions.