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Create or Edit Custom Fields

Custom fields can be created and then added to the following modules:

Access Custom Fields

  1. From the menu, click Settings > Custom Fields. The Custom Fields dialog displays.


Create a New Custom Field

f you need a specific custom field that is not in the list, then you can create a new custom field. 

  1. Click the New button and the New Custom Field dialog displays.


  1. Complete the following:
Field Description
Name Enter the name of the custom field.

Groups are only to help with organizing a lengthy list of Custom Fields.

Create or Edit a Custom Field Group

  1. Click the Manage Groups button and the Manage Groups dialog displays.


  1. In Add a Field Group field, enter the name of the group.
  2. Click the Save button.

Delete a Custom Field Group

From the Manage Group dialog, complete the following:

  1. For the group you want to delete, click the Deleteclipboard_eec455e00d2c849484f09cfe76787fe8f.png icon.
  2. Click the Save button.

This is the most important field when establishing a new custom field. 

It determines how the custom field will behave.  When a Type is selected and saved, you cannot change to a different type. 

The following options are:

  • Text:  Any character, letter, symbol, or number, can be typed in this field
  • Checkbox:  Creates a Yes/No style checkbox clipboard_e7bad6fdb739d83957c7f30c8d42d65ef.png
  • Integer:  Only numbers can be entered
  • Decimal:  Numbers with a decimal point can be entered
  • Date:  MM/DD/YY
  • Lookup:  Creates a drop-down field, containing the options that may be selected from
  • Contact:  Creates a drop-down field that brings up the list of Employees, Vendors, Customers, Users
  • Currency:  Numbers entered will be preceded by your country's currency symbol
  1. Click the Save button.

Now, you can add the custom field to the list.

Edit an Existing Custom Field        

A custom field must be removed from the Category, before it can be edited.

  1. From the Custom Field list, click the X icon on the desired Custom Field, to remove it from the Category.
  2. Click the Add + icon. The Custom Fields dialog displays.
  3. In the Search field, enter the custom field's name.
  4. Hover on the custom field and click the Edit  clipboard_e5fdcba0b59ede1be1ef8e296faabc590.png icon.


The Edit Custom Field dialog displays.


  1. Edit the NameGroup (remember, you can edit the Groups from this dialog), or (if applicable) the Lookup field. 

The Type cannot be edited. After a Type is selected and saved, you cannot change that custom field to a different type.

  1. Click the Save button.