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Create and Edit Asset Status

Level: Administrator

This controls which statuses are available for your assets, and you can create new statuses or edit existing ones. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Module Settings > Assets. The Asset Setting screen displays with the General tab, Category Settings tab, and Makes and Modules tab.


By default, the General tab displays the following columns:

  • Status List - This shows the names of all current statuses of your assets, for example, ACTIVE, INACTIVE, or SOLD.  
  • Active - This indicates whether the status is in use or not in the system.
    • Active status clipboard_e45bf464f50e50b925af2f2f28c4716c9.png icon - this indicates the status is used in the system.
    • Inactive status clipboard_ed1493ed0d4929a12f8af27f49b67c1a7.png  icon - this indicates the status is inactive in the system but it can still have work orders created, but their PMs (on their Maintenance Plans) will not come be included on the PM Management board (thus, not be eligible to be automatically turned into a work).
  • Default - The default clipboard_e5999b9721e7f94d87023a263e816a97f.png icon indicates this is the default status every time an asset is created, and can only be assigned to a single status.

Create a New Status

  1. Click the Add     +    icon.  The new status line will appear.


  1. In the Status field, enter the name of the statusBy default, the new status will be treated as an Active status clipboard_e45bf464f50e50b925af2f2f28c4716c9.png.  
  2. If you want the status to be a default, then click the Default clipboard_ed9b659bd9471d4f5196bc08d3926bf73.png icon.
  3. Click the Save button.

Make a Status Inactive

  1. For the status you want to make inactive, uncheck the Active status clipboard_e45bf464f50e50b925af2f2f28c4716c9.png check box.
  2. Click the Save button.

Edit a Status Name

  1. For the status you want to edit, click Edit  clipboard_e4e0884a95511e59a067ec126e718094e.png icon.
  2. Change the status name.
  3. Click the Save button.

Delete a Status

  1. For the status you want to delete, click Edit  clipboard_e4e0884a95511e59a067ec126e718094e.png icon.
  2. Click the Delete clipboard_e8f31fdddf51a890b84d5e5a60d93d235.png  icon.
  3. Click the Save button.