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Vendors overview

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Vendors overview



The Vendors module is your list of outside companies you do business with.  By default, all listed vendors are treated as suppliers of parts to your organization, but you can take it one step further:  Each vendor can also be designated as an outside contractor allowing you to assign work to them.  Vendors also allow you to indicate which supplier is preferred for each of your parts and inventory items.

Key Benefits and Features
  • Easily sort your Vendor list, by the type of services they provide (Vendor Type)
  • Vendors can be assigned to work orders if so designated
  • Includes a rating option, allowing you to rate each vendor from 1-5 stars
  • See and update the Vendors parts list from each vendor record
  • Vendor timeline shows the vendor's usage history between the work orders & purchase ordersVendor-Overview.gif


Use this Feature To...
  • Order Parts.  Purchase Orders require you to name which supplier you went through.  The parts supplier records are created in the Vendor module.  
  • Upgrade your Vendors from suppliers to outside contractors, by opening the Vendor configuration file, and checking the box that says Can Be Assigned To Work
  • Review the Vendors timeline.  See how recently parts were ordered through this Vendor, or the recent work orders assigned by clicking on the Vendor Timeline button. 
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