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Map Using Saved Import Definitions

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Map Using Saved Import Definitions

Uploading meter readings in bulk is possible through the import tool. However, a file might not have meter readings for every single asset or Log Type. This could be depending on where your Assets are located, or based on your meter reading routine (weekly/biweekly etc.).

Saved Import Definitions can be used as a preset when uploading meter readings so the appropriate columns are mapped automatically.



Creating a Saved Import Definition

To create an Import Definition, follow the steps outlined in the Importing article to upload Logs & Meter Readings. Upon Mapping the data, the option to create a saved Import Definition is shown.



Saving an Import Definition

  1. Map the file fields required for the Import Definition
  2. Enter a Definition Name
  3. Select clipboard_e3e6baf4159600670cfba280987b63ee1.pngading the fil

The Import Definition is now be saved for future use and can be selected when uploading the file.



Use this feature to
  • Quickly update Meter Readings
  • Differentiate Meter Readings by Schedule (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly etc.) or Asset Class/Category 
  • Save time when mapping Import Fields



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