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How to Take an Asset Offline

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How to Take an Asset Offline


The Assets Module is the heart of the ManagerPlus program.  It is where all of your equipment, facilities, and grounds are defined and maintained.

One of the major advantages of ManagerPlus is the flexibility it gives you in defining and maintaining almost anything that needs scheduled maintenance.  The Assets Module allows you to define and track Assets by the entity they are assigned to.

Being able to take an Asset Offline due to repairs or other maintenance is a critical part of Asset ownership.  You can also be able to track the Downtime of any particular Asset.


1.  Log into your ManagerPlus account and click on the Assets icon on the side ribbon.

2.  Open an already existing Asset from your Asset list. 

3.  Click on the Downtime icon.  A side panel will appear showing whether an Asset is already Active or Down.   If it is already Active, click on the Down option, and you will be prompted to give a reason for why it is Down.

A graph is also available showing you the History of the Assets Downtime.

4.  Once you have described the reason for it to be taken Offline, click on the Save icon.

5.  To make an Asset Active again, simply click on Active.  A confirmation screen will appear, asking you to Confirm Manual Asset Activation.

6.  If needed, you can also add a Work Order from your Downtime screen.  Simply click on the Add Work Order to Downtime button on the bottom of the screen.

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