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Set up the Vendor's Work for Work Orders

Level: Administrator

All changes to your Work Order Settings will impact ALL users.

These settings define what fields are included in a work order that is assigned to the vendor. Use work type settings to configure what fields a vendor sees when viewing a work order from the vendor portal.

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Under the Module Settings heading, click Work Orders.  The Work Order Settings screen displays.
  3. Click the Vendor Work tab. The Vendor Work tab displays.


This contains settings to enable and disable fields from the Vendor Portal:

  • Show Tasks - Enable to show task details on vendor work order.
  • Show Notes - Enable to show notes on vendor work order.
  • Before and After Pictures: - Enable to ask vendor for images of completed work.
  • Tenant Signature - Enable to ask for a customer signature upon completion of work order.
  • Vendor Credentials - Enable to ask vendor for signature upon completion of work order.
  • Invoice Submission - Enable to prompt for upload of Invoice PDF upon completion of work order.

The settings save automatically.

Vendor Portal Example

Below is an example of the Vendor Portal that displays what a Vendor sees when assigned a Work Order.