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Eptura Knowledge Center

View Work Order Management

  1. Navigate to Work Orders. The Work Order Management screen displays.


The columns are:

  • Work Order Number: The application will automatically assign you a WO number upon creation
  • Work Type: The first indication of what type of job this is.  Defaults include Corrective, Preventive, and Predictive
  • Purpose:  Brief description of what the work order will accomplish.  
  • Asset:  Asset that is the subject of the work order.
  • Assigned:  Employee assigned to this work order.  
  • Due Date:  The due date field allows you to set a date and time by which the Work Order should be completed
  • Status:  Status of the work order.  When a work order is generated automatically or created manually, the status is set to the default.  The status will change after the work order is completed.
  • Notices: Identifies Work Order characteristics that you need to be aware of.