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Clock In and Out of a Work Order

Tracking time on work orders allow you to organize your schedule, organize labor costs and more. However, when faced with a list of tasks it can often slip your mind to check when the task was started and how long it took to complete. To solve this, clock in and out of work orders to avoid having to manually enter labor hours and eliminate the guess work!

Clocking into a work order is simple, and saves you time so that you can focus on the work that matters.

Use this feature to:

  • Automatically track Labor
  • Eliminate the guess work of how long a task took to complete
  • Save time by no longer manually tracking labor

Clock In.gif

Clock In to a Work Order

In order to clock in to a Work Order, you must be an Assignable Contact. To clock in to a Work Order, navigate to an open work order and follow the steps below:

Clock In.gif

  1. Navigate to the Clock In clipboard_ef3e7c9e02bf868691f2912586b186f2f.png icon which is grey in color and select the icon. The Clock In dialog displays.
  2. This prompts you to select a task, which is optional, but is recommended in order to accurately track labor per task.
  3. Click the Clock In button and the timer begins tracking Labor until the Work Order is Clocked Out or completed.

Upon clocking in, the Clock In Icon appears in green, indicating that the work order is Clocked In.


The Clock In icon also appears next to your avatar from any screen, reminding you that you are Clocked In to a Work Order:


Clock Out of a Work Order

Clocking out of a Work Order is available on any screen where the Clock clipboard_eef36859d1b83b08251723c3553921c41.png icon is present. To clock out from any screen, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the clipboard_e3088a2a01ac9729a104bc86698254519.png icon next to the user avatar
  2. Select the Clock OUT icon
  3. Select Clock Out


Clock OUT1.gif

Upon clocking out, Labor is automatically recorded in the Work Order


Clock Out from the Work Order screen

Clocking out is also available from the Clocked In Work Order. To clock out from the Work Order screen follow the steps below.

Clock OUT2.gif

  1. From a Clocked In Work Order, select the Clock clipboard_e5cfb455594399eb4da1f4c32f847a4f0.pngicon.
  2. Click the Clock Out button.

A Labor line is populated upon clocking out.

Last but not least, an even quicker option is to clock out by completing a work order. Upon completing a clocked in Work Order, the Work Order automatically clocks out and Labor populates. 

Clock Out by completing the Work Order

Clock OUT3.gif

Upon completing a clocked in Work Order, Labor populates automatically and the Work Order clocks out simultaneously.