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Navigate around the PMs List View

PM (Planned Maintenance) schedules are critical for successful Asset Management. The PM dashboard lets you stay current on:

  • which reoccurring jobs have come due
  • future PMs
  • current PMs being worked on

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List View Columns

The List View displays the PMs and by default the list is sorted by Maturity Reached and PMs with notices on them.


The List View contains the following columns:

Column Description
Maturity Reached The 100% due on top, descending down to 0% due at the bottom.
Next Date

The projected date the PM should come.  On log-based PM cycles, these dates are calculated using the Asset's daily utilization rate.

Some dates may be accompanied by an alert symbol PMs-Alert.png icon.

This is displayed if the asset attached to the PM has not had a meter/log entry in more than 7 days, and thus the date listed is considered unreliable.  


PMs with notifications on them.  This can include:

  • Ready (PMs that are due to be worked on) PMs-Alert.png
  • Has WO (PM that has already been turned into an active work order) ActiveWO.png