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Operator Companion (Inspection App) - Overview

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Operator Companion (Inspection App) - Overview

Introducing the newly updated Operator Companion

The Operator Companion allows the operators/drivers/users of your equipment to perform Inspections, using the Operator Companion Inspection App.  The progressive web app is available to be used by all licensed:

  • Named Users
  • Operators
New OC History tablet.png iphone 11OC white background.png New OC Inspection Details tablet.png
How to access the Operator Companion

OC in the browser.gif

To access the Operator Companion progressive web app:

  • Open your tablet or smartphone browser of choice (Safari, Firefox or Chrome are recommended)
  • Enter your Lightning URL (, and simply add the suffix /oc now becomes
  • Enter your ManagerPlus login and passcode, and you'll have access to the Operator Companion
Here are the key details:
  • Inspections can be created in the desktop Lightning application.  They can then be performed by the Operators of the equipment through the Operator Companion web app. 
    The Inspection has the same look and feel in both locations.
    Inspection module with OC.png
  • Required tasks will be highlighted with a special indicator.
     OC Required tasks alerts.png
  • Operators of the equipment don't have to wait for Maintenance Managers to create an inspection. 
    With the Operator Companion, Operators can search for the desired Asset and start the inspection...
    search text conveyor.png

    ...or they can use the Scan feature to scan the Asset barcode, which will bring up the desired asset and display the available inspections

scan button.png


  • Inspections that are already underway, will have a flag that says    IN PROGRESS    
    Inspection in progress alert WITH CIRCLE.png

    If the Operator attempts to open an Inspection already in progress, they will see an alert asking them to decide between two options: 
  1. Back out of the inspection (    Never Mind    )
  2. Restart the inspection (    Start Over    )

    On-Going Inspection Notice.png

How this can make a difference

Drivers can perform state and federally required Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), instantly reporting any issues that are discovered. 

DVIR pre-trip.png


Equipment operators can easily show they are in compliance with OSHA regulations, requiring them to conduct daily safety checks prior to operation. 

OSHA regs.png


Results of an Operator's inspection are instantly relayed to the main Lightning program.

Maintenance managers can see in real-time, the current status of an ongoing inspection, and read the operator's findings even before the inspection is completed.


Inspections in Lightning cropped.png

For additional details on tying the Inspections module with the Operator Companion, be sure to visit the links below:
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