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Meter entries requirements on all meter-based Work Orders

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Meter entries requirements on all meter-based Work Orders


To preserve the integrity of your database, Meter entries are always required on all meter-based PM Work Orders. 

This is independent of the option found under Settings > Module Settings/Work Orders > Workflow that allows companies to mandate log entries on ALL work orders with Assets containing Logs.  This setting is still available

The requirements

This setting impacts work orders IF all four of the following conditions occur:

  1. The work order was generated through a scheduled PM

  2. The PM cycle is scheduled to reset upon completion of the Work Order

  3. The PM is meter-based (for example: 1000 hour service, 5000 kilometers oil change, etc)

  4. The meter in question has not been updated within the past 7 days 

  • If all four happen, the work order will require the user to update the meter reading, before you are allowed to complete it

Meter option in Work Order Settings:


Here's what happens on the Work Orders...

If completion of a PM Work Order is attempted, and it still requires a log entry, the user will be greeted with the message below:

Logs Needing Current Readings.png

WHY is this a requirement?

Requiring meters to be entered ensures the accuracy of the next due date on your PMs.  
If the meter is not entered, the scheduled PMs would not properly estimate the next due date.

The next due date for log-based PM cycles, are calculated using the Asset's daily utilization rate.  That countdown date starts from the meter reading the last time the service was performed.  

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