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Creating a Work Request Portal

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Creating a Work Request Portal


One of the main ways to create a Work Request is through a Work Request Portal.  This allows users to go to a specifically created URL and submit a Work Request.  The following steps will help you create a Work Request Portal:



1.  After logging into ManagerPlus, click on the Settings icon.

2.  After clicking on Settings, you will then click on the Portal icon, which is in the Tools and Support section.

3.  The green Save icon has a drop-down menu that lets you choose either New or Delete.  Click on New to create a new URL.

4.  Once you have clicked on New, a menu will appear with fields that will need to be filled in.

5.  Once the fields have been filled in, click on Save, and your portal will be created.


General Settings:

Portal Name – This is the name you will give the Work Request Portal.  The portal name may contain only letters and numbers.

URL – This is the specific URL for your Work Request Portal.

Portal Type – Either *Open Forms or Secured.

Portal Enabled – This icon will determine whether the portal is currently active.

White Label – Whether or not you want the ManagerPlus label on the Work Request Portal.

*Open Forms creates several more forms including Use Captcha, Entity, and Contacts Only.

Help and Contact:

Display Help Phone – Choose whether to display a phone number for the requester to call.

Display Help Email – Choose whether to display an email for the requester to email.

Display Twitter Link – Choose whether to display your Twitter page.

Display Facebook Link – Choose whether to display your Facebook page.

Field Selection:

Allow Asset Lookup – Select this if you want to allow the requester to look up a specific Asset.

Asset Label – Lets you rename Asset to a different term that may be more suitable to your business.

Require Asset – Select this if you want to require the asset when submitting a Work Request.

*Open Forms creates several more forms including Entity Label, Phone Field, Require Phone, Name Field, Require Name, Require Description, Request Form Title and Welcome Message.

Custom Fields:  You have the option to create Custom Fields.  

Work Order Fields:

*Open Forms does not require Work Order Fields.

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