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My Preferences

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My Preferences


Your organization can set its Lightning database preferred Time Zone by going to:
    Settings > Administration > Company

Time zone.png
There, the company can decide which Time Zone they prefer to appear on every timestamp (including Work Orders, Purchase Order transactions, Meter readings, etc).

In addition, each user can set their own Time Zone Override allows the User to override the time zone chosen by the company, and have all dates in Lightning reflect a time zone that is different than the rest of the organization's database. 

Light Bulb nGef0Etdx3ef6lB7dnrxzhoATrjn0aKayw.pngExample:    Your company is in Texas, USA, and sets the database Time Zone to Central.  However, you work remotely in Florida, USA.  Since you want to see all the entries displayed in the Eastern Time zone, you use the Time Zone Override, to override what the company default displays.

Accessing My Preferences

There are two ways to access your personal user preferences:  

  1. Go to Settings > Personal Settings > User Preferences

user preferences.png

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen, click your Profile Name/Profile Image > Preferences
Time Zone Override

time zone override.png

By default, the Time Zone Override is set to "None"  

  • Click the drop-down arrow to display all the Time Zone options
  • Select your preferred Time Zone
  • Click save changes.png to lock in the change


Only Show Active Records On The Planning Board

my preferences 5.png

By turning this feature on, you indicate that only Active Work Orders should appear on the Planning Board.  
Once the Work Order is completed, it disappears from the Planning and Assignment Board.
Planning board.png

Notification Sound

my preferences 4.png

Turning this feature on produces a chime every time a new Lightning pop-up notification appears on screen.



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