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Managing a Customer's Address


Managing a Customer’s Address is an important feature of creating a successful Customer profile and can be easily done by following these few simple steps.

This article applies to + Professional and + Enterprise.


1.  Click the Module tab, then click the Customers icon on the main ribbon.

2.  Create a new Customer Record or open an already existing Customer Record from your record list. 

If creating a new Customer Record, all required fields must be filled in and then saved before you can proceed to Step 3. 

3.  Click the Addresses tab on the bottom ribbon section.

4.  Select the Add Address icon.

To update an address, go to Step 6. 

 To delete an address, go to Step 7.

5.  After clicking Add Address, fill in the appropriate fields, then click the Save icon.

Once you have finished this step, you have successfully added an address to your Customer Record and are ready to proceed.

6.  To update an address, click on the Update icon on the right.  After doing so, enter the correct information into the appropriate fields.  For help in doing so, return to Step 5.

7.  To delete an address, click on the Delete icon on the right.  A pop-up menu will ask you to confirm by clicking OK,  If you need to enter in a new address and need help, return to Step 5.