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#4 - Room Display (EventBoard) First Steps

The Eventboard application runs on a tablet mounted outside of a meeting room, allowing employees to reserve it at that moment (if it is free), or to reserve that room or another at a later date and time. 


  • Customer Project Team - Complete the installation and set up of the EventBoard app on the Room Display devices.


Supported Devices

  • EventBoard is compatible with Android, iPad, and Creston devices. For more information on compatible devices, see the Compatibility Matrix page.
  • Review the Teem Wi-Fi recommendations to optimize your workplace experience - specifically for iOS devices running EventBoard, see Teem Wi-Fi Recommendations

Installation of Room Display (EventBoard)

Installation of the EventBoard App

The Room Displays are powered by the EventBoard app, which can be installed on the following:

Part of the setup is to use the activation pin code to connect the device to a room.

Additional Setup of Room Display (EventBoard)

Booking and Room Display Settings

Review and complete the settings for the following:

  • Room Display Theme
  • Booking from Display
  • Ending Events
  • Zombie Meetings
  • Event Privacy
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Work Requests
  • Device Security
  • Device Brightness
  • Device Health

See Room Display and Booking Settings Overview for more information on the RoomDisplay (EventBoard) settings.

Remember that most of our features translate to both iOS and Android; however, there are exceptions.  As you look through the Teem Web - Room Display Settings, look for the logos next to some toggles or settings. If the Android icon is not present, that feature is not available at this time for Android. 


Integrations with EventBoard

The following can be integrated with EventBoard.


You can integrate Slack with EventBoard using Zapier with our provided Webhooks

Facilities Management

Quick Start

Now, your tablet using Eventboard (Room Display) is ready to use; learn more about how to use it by going to the Using Room Displays page.

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