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Set up Host Notifications of Visitor Arrivals

Level: Admin

When a visitor checks in, LobbyConnect will send notifications to the employee host. This ensures the host is notified immediately of a guest's arrival so they feel welcome in your organization.

Enable Skip Contact Host

The contact Host setting is automatically enabled on LobbyConnect. If you want to skip the screen that allows visitors to select what host to contact then you can enable the Skip Contact Host setting.

From the Teem Web, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Apps and Integrations > LobbyConnect > Notifications.
  2. For the Skip Contact Host toggle this setting ON.
  3. Click the SAVE button.

skip contact host.png

Set up the Check-In Message

After the visitor has checked in them LobbyConnect will display a short mesage.

From Teem Web complete the following:

1. Navigate to Manage > Apps and Integrations > LobbyConnect > Notifications.

2. In the Message field, enter a short message. The default message is: Thank you, [visitor_name]. 

3. Click the SAVE button.

Set up the Check-In Notification's Contact Method

To ensure your employees are notified quickly of their guest's arrival, you can set up the Check-in Notification method to include SMS, Email, or Both. You can also add our Slack integration to include a slack notifications. 

Remember users will need to have their email, or phone number included in their Teem User Profile in order to receive notifications see, Set up Employee Notifications of Visitor Arrivals.

From Teem Web complete the following:

1. Navigate to Manage > Apps and Integrations > LobbyConnect > Notifications.

2. Make sure the Skip Contact Host setting is turned OFF

3. From the Contact Method drop-down, select the notification channel.  For example, SMS, Email, SMS and Email.

4. Click the SAVE button.

check in notifications.png

Set up a Chat Integration as the Contact Method

We currently support Slack and Hipchat as methods to notify your hosts via chat. Learn more about the integrations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can guests text back and forth with their hosts? 

If you select SMS messaging, the employee host has the option of messaging back and forth with the visitor if we collect the visitor's phone number. When messaging back and forth, both parties’ phone numbers are anonymized for privacy within our Twilio provider.

Q. Can guests email back and forth with their hosts?

 We do not support this functionality at this time. 

Q. What if an employee host doesn't have their phone number associated with their user?

 If the phone number is blank, we will send an email as an alternative method of contact, provided we have their email. Similarly, if an email is selected and we do not have a valid email, we will then try to send an SMS message.

Q. Do you provide a delegate notification method? 

We do not provide a way to set up a delegate to notify when a guest arrives. However, you can use the Visitor Watchlist within Teem or create a distribution email in your directory.