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Meeting Services and Work Requests

Meeting Services are a way for your employees to request assistance like catering, AV support, or room configuration for a meeting in advance. Whereas the Work Requests are issues found with a desk or room such as a broken chair or flicking light.

Meeting Services

When the Meeting Services that are provided by your organization are set up, see Set up a Meeting Service, then your employees can submit a meeting service via the Calendar Plugin.

After your employees have submitted the requests your admin can view and download requests and then these can be actioned, see View and Download Meeting Service Requests.

Work Requests

When the Enable Work Request setting is enabled for the desk or room, see Set up Work Requests, then your employees or admins can submit work requests.

When the setting is enabled then:

  • Employees can submit a Work Request from the Room Displays (EventBoard app).
  • Admins can submit a work request from Teem Web's Booking Tools. 

​Use the following links and tabs below to learn more about the functions available.