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Desk Insights

Desk Insights are analytic reports that aggregate desk utilization data and delivers actionable recommendations. Insights data is collected in the background while employees use desks, so Teem admins are able to make data-driven decisions to optimize their desk policies without writing complicated queries or using time-consuming analysis tools. 

The reports are automatically generated with methodology clearly explained so upper management teams can easily digest recommendations. Admins will find these tools critical to measuring and adjusting space strategy performance and demonstrate quantifiable value for an organization. 

Other Workplace Insights are also available. Learn more here.


  • Hot Desk - a licensed desk in Teem's ecosystem that is reservable to employees for scheduled use, but is not assigned to a specific employee
  • Assigned Desk - a licensed desk in Teem's ecosystem which has a specific employee as a long-term occupant. The employee and desk are typically linked in a directory system such as Active Directory Sync or other HR software (link to integrations)
  • Utilization - Refers to the amount of time that a desk is used by an employee (applies to both hot desks and assigned desks)
  • Utilization Rate - The ratio of the amount of time a desk is used to the work hours of an organization. Displayed as a percentage. (applies to both hot desks and assigned desks) 
  • Amenity - a feature or equipment that a desk has and is noted in the details of the Desk in Teem (see amenities when setting up desks)
  • Peak hours - Hours of the business day that have the highest desk utilization. Calculated by _______

Available Reports

  • What is your hot desk utilization rate? - Calculates how often hot desks are used. 
  • What are the peak hours for your desks? - Shows which work hours have the highest desk usage. Displayed as a percentage of total desks by hour.
  • How do your highest and lowest utilization desks compare? - Groups desks into 3 buckets of usage (low medium-high) and allows you to analyze utilization trends by comparing location, amenities, assigned vs unassigned, and more.
  • Coming soon: daily usage desk logs



You must have a Professional or Enterprise level account with Teem, as well as at least 1 Desk license to utilize Desk Insights. If you have questions or want to upgrade, contact support below. You must also be a Teem admin to access the Insights reports.

No action is needed to begin collecting data - all desks managed by Teem will be aggregated and included in the reporting.

Running an Insights Report

To access a report, click Insights > Insights in the left navigation menu. An Insights Library will appear showing all reports you have available. If you have Conference Room licenses, those reports will show up here as well. Select the desk report you want to run from the Desk section.

Reading an Insights Report

Within the report, you can change the date range and location at the top of the report. For the utilization report, you can export the data in the report to perform custom analysis using Excel, Tableau, or other software. 

You will see sections in each report that provide details such as data, graphs, and recommended actions. The exact details will vary depending on which report you run, but the methodology and definitions for all terms and calculations used are clearly explained so you can easily understand the report.