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Eptura Knowledge Center

Desk and Room Admin FAQs

Q. Why is the room unlicensed when created?

Teem Room licenses are attached to rooms, rather than devices. Users can attach multiple devices to a given room, and the devices will share settings and a license.

As long as you have Teem Room licenses available, rooms will be automatically licensed when they are created. We know there are some times when things don’t work out that way, and you may have acquired the licenses after you created the room.  If you find yourself with an unlicensed room, then see Licenses for Rooms

Q. Why does the desk show as unlicensed when created?

On occasion, the desk is licensed after the page loads. Simply refresh the page.

Q. How do I set the calendar? 

With desks, you import the calendar first and at the last step, you will have the option to select the calendar imported. You can book the desk through our Booking and Teem mobile tools.

Q. What time periods can users reserve desks for? 

Users can currently reserve desks for either the first half of the day (midnight to noon), the second half of the day (noon to midnight,) or the full 24 hours.  

Q. How do I un-license or license a desk? 

Desk licenses are applied automatically. If you cannot create a desk then you do not have the licenses. Contact your Account Manager to obtain more licenses.