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When you have devices in your organization it is very important to monitor them to make sure they are running. Your Admin can set up Monitoring Profiles which are used to group physical devices used for Room Displays running the EventBoard app or Visitor Management running the LobbyConnect app.

When the Monitoring Profile is enabled and the device goes offline then an email notification is sent out to the person responsible for getting the device back online, such as your IT Support team. When the correct person is notified and actioned then this will increases device uptime and workplace productivity. Also, if you have many devices then the Aggregated Health Emails setting can be turned on to make Teem send one email containing a list of current offline devices instead of an individual email per unhealthy device.

Additionaly, the monitoring section lets you see the status of the battery life of your devices and there is a Calendar Sync status that can be monitored.

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