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Check-in to a Desk via the My Reservations

You can easily check-in to a desk to confirm that you are in the office and using the desk. The check-in can be completed from the My Reservations screen or you can use the Teem Mobile app, see Check-in to a Desk.

Check-in Window Opens

Before the time your desk booking starts the check-in window will open and this is set by your Admin.


The time set for the desk booking must be longer than half an hour to view on the calendar. Because of the setup of the calendar on Teem Web, if the time of the event is smaller than half an hour, the "Check-in" option and ability must be done through the Teem App. 

Check-in to your Desk

From Teem Web, navigate to My Reservations.


Click on the Check-in button.

You have been successfully checked into your desk.