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#7 - Visitor Management (LobbyConnect)

Visitor Management allows you to efficiently schedule and track visitors to your facility from check-in to departure. 


  • Customer Project Team - Complete the installation and set up of the LobbyConnect app on the Visitor Management devices. Arrange the physical devices to be installed in the lobby space(s).


Supported Devices

Initial of Visitor Management (LobbyConnect)

Install and Set up LobbyConnect for iPad

You can download and install the LobbyConnect app for an iPad. 

See Install and Set up LobbyConnect for iPad

Initial Set up of Space Profiles for Lobbies

See Set up a Space Profile for your Lobbies

Additional Setup of Visitor and Reception Display Settings

Review and complete the settings for the following:


The Welcome screen can be set up with your company's logo, a welcome message, and an image slideshow. See the following:

Within the LobbyConnect app, you can set up your company's brand accent color.

See Set Accent Color for LobbyConnect


The deliveries are enabled when there is a delivery contact assigned. Then when a delivery person arrives all they need to do is tap the Deliveries button and the delivery notification is sent.

See Enable Deliveries for LobbyConnect

Visitor Types and Contracts

Your visitors can have different requirements when they check in and your Admin can set up the visitor types, such as Interview Candidate, Vendor, Customer, and Internal Visitor. Also, visitor types can be set up for the organization and for a particular location. See Create and Enable Visitor Types

If a particular type of visitor needs to sign a contract such as an NDA or waiver then the contract can be set up. See Create and Edit Visitor Contracts

Also, if you have Box or a Dropbox account then we have integrations available. The integrations make it easy to store the signed visitor contracts. See the following integrations:

Visitor Check-in and Check-out

The visitor check-in can be set up to expedite the check-in process for returning visitors.  See Set up the Visitor Check-in

Also, for security reasons, certain visitors can be added to the visitor watchlist so that Lobby personnel will know if the visitor is not allowed to enter the building.

If you want to know if a visitor has left the building then the Admin can enable the visitor check-out.

If you want a visitor to check out, this can be enabled and your visitors can checkout quickly with either their name, e-mail, or phone number. See Enable the Check-out for LobbyConnect

Host Lists and Notifications

Your visitors can have different requirements when they check in and your Admin can set up the visitor types, such as Interview Candidate, Vendor, Customer, and Internal Visitor. See Set up Host Lists for LobbyConnect

Also, you can set up the notifications you want to send to the hosts. See Set up Host Notifications of Visitor Arrivals

Depending on how your Teem is set up will determine how the Hosts Lists are imported. Your Host Lists can be populated in the following ways:

  • Manually add the users.

  • Import users from an integration.

See Import and Manage Host User List for LobbyConnect

Display Brightness

Your Admin can set up a schedule for the devices' brightness for the device needs to be awake and asleep. See Set up the Device Brightness Hours

Connect your LobbyConnect Device

Next, you need to connect your devices to Teem Web. See Create, Add, Manage LobbyConnect Devices.

Set up Physical Devices for LobbyConnect

The last step is to set up the physical device settings and then attach them to the outside of the space such as meeting rooms or conference rooms. See Set up Physical Devices for LobbyConnect

Having a badge that your visitors wear is helpful to ensure the security of your employees and your guests. It also helps them to feel welcome in your office space. With LobbyConnect you can print badges for visitors when they check in.  See Set up a Printer for Visitor Badges

Now you can start welcoming visitors!

Integrations with LobbyConnect

The following can be integrated with LobbyConnect.

File Management

Facilities Management

Chat Integration

Quick Start

Now, your Visitor Management is ready to use learn more about how to use it Visitor Management.

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