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Set up Physical Devices for LobbyConnect

Level: Admin

This is the final step in setting up LobbyConnect. 

Remember to check the following:

Launch the LobbyConnect App

1. When the app is launched for the first time, a 6-digit pin code will appear on the screen. 

2. From the Teem Web, navigate to Manage > Locations > Add device.

3. Input the required information, including the 6-digit code, the device name, and the device location.

4. Click Save

5. The app on your device will automatically update to show the launch screen. 

6. Click Launch, and you are all set!

If you want the settings for the Badge Printer can be set up, see Printer Setup for Visitor Badges.

To configure specific settings that TEEM recommends, see iPad Recommended Settings for Lobby Connect

For more information on setting up a LobbyConnect device, see Add, Move, or Delete a Lobby Connect Device.