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Invite Visitors in Bulk

You can invite your visitors to an event in bulk using a CSV file.


Make sure you set up the Microsoft Excel file with the visitor's first name, last name, and email address. For example:

bulk upload invited visitors1.png

Create the New Invite 

The Invited Visitors screen displays and then click the New Invite button.

manually invited visitors1.png

Upload the CSV

The Invite Visitors form displays.

bulk upload invited visitors2.png

Click the Upload CSV button.

Browse to the CSV file and then click the Open button.

bulk upload invited visitors3.png

If you have a lot of visitors then you will need to scroll down the form to complete the invitation.

Set the Invitation Date and Time

From the Arrival Date calendar, select the arrival date.

From the Arrival Time drop-down, select the arrival time.

Set the Location and Purpose of Visit

From the Check-in Location drop-down, select the location.

From the Purpose of Visit drop-down, select the purpose.

Include a Custom Email Message

In the Custom Email Message field, enter a short message.

Send the Invitation

If you want to send an email invitation then check the Send an invitation to the visitors check box.

Click the Save button.

The invitation is sent to the visitors.