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Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigate Teem Mobile App

The Teem Mobile app is a collection of the following screens:

  • Space Screen - Use the Map or space List view to find spaces in your office and make a booking for a desk or room.
  • Search Screen - Use the search feature to find people or spaces and then make a booking for a desk or room.
  • Agenda Screen -  Use this to view your schedule for today and in the week.  Manage your events and if needed add a desk or room to your events. 
  • Profile Screen - Use the profile to specify your individual preferences and manage your linked calendar.


  • Maps are only available if space floor plans have been created and included for your company's account. 
  • Desks and rooms are only available if these spaces are set up and licensed in your company's account. 

Use the following links and tabs below to learn more about the functions available.