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#6 - Teem Mobile App

The Teem Mobile app lets employees quickly create an event in their calendars on the go. If they need a desk or room these can be booked from the app.


  • Customer Project Team - Complete the settings for the spaces.


The settings found in the Space Profiles and Spaces will apply to the Booking Tools, Teem Mobile app, and Room Displays (note that you can apply overrides in Room Displays settings).

Installation and Initial Setup of the Teem Mobile App

Your employees can download and install the Teem Mobile App which is called Teem - Collaborate and Connect app.

See Download and Set up the Teem Mobile App

Quick Start

Now, your Teem Mobile App is ready to use learn more about how to use it to book a desk or space.

See Teem Mobile App

Next Onboarding Step

Head on over to #7 Visitor Management (LobbyConnect)