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Add a Room or multiple Rooms

You can add a Room that your employees can book using integrated work calendars, Teem mobile app,  Room Display (EventBoard), and Booking Tools.

Meetings scheduled in these rooms will show in the Room Display (EventBoard).


Before you add a space, it is important to understand the Teem space hierarchy and override settings. Space hierarchy is the space structure for your entire organization that defines where your spaces live. Teem’s Space Hierarchy’s various levels in order: 

  • Organization
  • Campus
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Desks, Rooms, and Lobbies

It’s important to note that you don’t have to set all hierarchy levels’ settings. Many deployments can just set the Organization settings and be ready to go. However, you can override settings anywhere within the hierarchy. Overrides give you the ability to make an exception to any of the default settings you’ve made for your organization and have that exception apply to all levels below in the space hierarchy.

Learn more about space hierarchy and override settings as well as recommended EventBoard Room Display settings

Step 1. Add a Room

From Teem Web, complete the following:

1. From the Teem Dashboard homepage, select Manage > Locations > Directory.

2. Navigate to your building and select the floor.

3. Select the Rooms tab.


4. Click the ADD button. The Add Room screen displays.


5. If you have Space Profiles set up, then from the Room Profile drop-down, select a space profile for the room.

We recommend that you set up the space profile for the room as this will save you time. Learn more in Add a Space Profile for a Room. When you select the space profile this will populate the settings such as room photo.

6. In the Name field, enter the room's name. This will display on the Room Display device.

If you want to add multiple rooms (up to 100 rooms) then either enter the room's name and press the Enter key OR you can copy the room names from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and paste this into the field.

Microsoft Excel with Room Names


Desk Name Field in Teem Web


7. For the Room Location, use the selected location.

8. Click the NEXT button.

Step 2. Set up the Attributes

The Attributes screen display.


9. As you have selected a space profile the capacity will be populated either you can use this setting or override it.

10. In the Description field, enter a short description.

11. In the Notes field, enter additional information and this is intended for internal use by Admins only.

12. Click the NEXT button.

Step 3. Select the Amenities

The Amenities screen display.


13. As you have selected a space profile the amenities will be populated either you can use this setting or override it. Note: These resources can be used to narrow your search parameters for room selections while booking and can be used for Work Requests.

14. Click the NEXT button.

Step 4. Select the Calendar

The Calendars screen displays.


The Calendar integration must be completed first so that calender resource email address set up and then these can be assigned to the room.

14. From the Calendar drop-down, select a resource calendar's email address. This is used to enable the room bookings and the room will not be booked until a calendar is selected.

Note: Unassigned room resource calendars that were imported will display in this list. If you have over 100 calendars imported to Teem then you can search the calendar's email address. 

15. Click the SAVE button.

You have successfully created your room(s).