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Quick Start

Teem is available on mobile and web. Your Global Admin will maintain the portfolio and configurations. The following is an overview of the Teem experience on different platforms.

Teem Mobile App

Employees can take Teem with them on the go with the mobile app called Teem - Collaborate & Connect. In the app employees can create events and book a desk or room, find coworkers, find spaces with the amenities they need, view their agenda, and set their default office location.

See About Teem Mobile App

Teem Web App

Depending on your role and permission this will determine what you have access to in the Teem Web app. Below are details of what Teem Web looks like as a Global Admin, Location Admin, Lobby Manager, or Employee.

Using the Teem Web App as a Global Admin or Location Admin

The Global Admin has the ability to set up and maintain Teem’s settings and user permissions across your portfolio. Also, there is a role for a Location Admin who will look after a specified location in your portfolio.

See Using Teem Web App as a Global Admin

See Using Teem Web App as a Location Admin

Using Teem Web App as Lobby Manager

You could have a user set up as a Lobby Manager who is responsible for making sure your visitor have a smooth experience when they arrive at your office.

See Using Teem Web as a Lobby Manager

Using the Teem Web App as an Employee

Employees can access Teem from the Teem Web App which enables them to search for coworkers, book a desk and meeting rooms, and invite visitors to an event.

See Using Teem Web App as an Employee

Using Teem’s Finder (Kiosk) as an Employee

Employees and visitors can access Finder from Kiosk Touchscreen set up in your lobby or entrance to a floor. This allows them to find desks or rooms and if there is a map set up this can be used to navigate the office easily.

See Using Finder

Calendar Plug-in/Extension

Employees can install the Teem Calendar Plug-in or Extension (depending on what technology your company uses). When installed your employees can find and book rooms based on location, availability, capacity, amenities, and more from their calendar. This means they can stay within their calendar and quickly make bookings and they don’t need to navigate to another web tool.

See Using the Calendar Plugin or Extension

Room Displays with EventBoard

Employees will find Room Displays outside meeting rooms on a physical device such as an iPad, Andriod tablet, or Creston device and they will have our EventBoard app running on the device. From the device, the employees can see a real-time view of meetings booked for specific spaces and they can make a room booking.

See Using EventBoard App as an Employee

Visitor Management

Visitors can arrive at your organization and then quickly check-in and an email can notify their host that their visitor is in the lobby. The Visitor Management (LobbyConnect app) is installed in the Lobby of your building or on a floor so it helps to give your visitor a smooth experience. Your Lobby Manager has the ability to manage any watchlist, and alerts, or set up any documents that a visitor’s need to sign before entering the location.

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