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Quick Search for a Person

Using the search functionality of the Teem Mobile app will allow you to search for a person where you can see their current and upcoming desk reservations. This is not their meeting calendar, and it only displays what spaces (desk or office) they have reserved this week. If they have been assigned to a specific location, that location will appear on the results list. This will help you better collaborate with your coworkers in a flexible working environment.

From the menu, tap the Search clipboard_ebcb418129b0c9c171a349b152dd4066f.pngicon.

TEEM Mobile Find A Space or Person initial.jpg

In the Search field, enter the person's name and then tap their name in the results list.

The search results display, for example:

TEEM Mobile Search Person Location Results.jpg IMG_3528.PNG TEEM Mobile Search Person No Reservation.jpg

Employees can manage their findability in their Profile; see Change Notification and Privacy Settings.