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Room Display Standard Themes

Standard Display Themes

Teem offers six standard themes as part of the Eventboard product. These themes are for use on any of our supported panels. When selecting, note the icon indicating if the theme is compatible with Landscape, Portrait, or on iPad, Android, or Crestron tablets. If you are on the Enterprise plan, then some themes allow for background image and logo customizations.

  • Black Glass 
  • Blue Jay 
  • Essentials
  • Golden Gate
  • The Void
  • Unity


Theme Customizations

Customers on the Enterprise Plan will be able to apply a background image or a logo that layers on top of the selected theme. 

  • Each theme will include image resolution recommendations based on that theme's layout. Please note these dimensions when creating the image.
  • If you switch to a new theme, the assigned custom images will change, reset, or show what images you've applied for that theme. You can apply or remove these images by clicking Change or Edit.  
  • If the background image is a .png with a transparent background, you will still see the original background image included in the standard theme. If you want to block the theme background entirely, use an image that is not transparent. 
  • The logos are located in different places on the screen depending on the theme you select. For landscape themes, the logo is placed above the upcoming event list. 


Primary Action Color

The primary action color allows you to select what color the Check-In and One-Click Booking buttons will be. Talk to your designer to select a color that works with your chosen theme. Note the background of the screen is black, so avoid dark colors that will blend into the background of those screens. 

If the Primary Action Color is not an option for you to change, it may need to be enabled in the Enable Features area of the main menu.



Hex Code: #FFFFFF    

Eventboard PriActClr_FFFFFFa.jpg    Eventboard PriActClr_FFFFFFb.jpg


Hex Value - #ADD8E6

Eventboard PriActClr_ADD8E6a.jpg    Eventboard PriActClr_ADD8E6b.jpg


Standard Themes

Unity Theme

Eventboard UnityTheme_Green.jpg

Eventboard UnityTheme_InUse.jpg


Black Glass Theme

Eventboard BlackGlass_Green.jpg

Eventboard BlackGlass_InUse.jpg


Blue Jay Theme

Eventboard BlueJay_Blue.jpg

Eventboard BlueJay_InUse.jpg

Essentials Theme

Eventboard Essentials_Available.jpg

Eventboard Essentials_InUse.jpg

The Void Theme

Eventboard TheVoid_Available.jpg

Eventboard TheVoid_InUse.jpg

Golden Gate Theme

Eventboard GoldenGate_Available.jpg

Eventboard GoldenGate_InUse.jpg