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#8 - Wayfinding

Wayfinding is completed through Finder and your employees use this as a Space Booking and Wayfinding tool that helps them easily connect with their workplace community.

Finder uses Digital Signage hardware to display information to people. We provide a list of recommended digital signage hardware that has been tested to work with Finder. The option includes touch and non-touch-enabled displays.  Also, Finder is deployed and displayed on digital signage devices using a URL pasted into a web browser. Digital Signage Services makes it easy to remotely manage and update devices. Without the service, admins will need to physically visit and deploy Finder views in each display.


  • Customer’s IT Team - Arrange the purchase and installation of the Touchscreen and will help with the deployment of the Finder URLs.

    Customer Project Team - Set up the Finder views and then deploy the Finder URLs.


Supported Platforms

Initial of Finder

To deploy Finder all you need to do is create the Finder views and then deploy the Finder URLS to your digital signage display, see Set up Finder. Also, have a look at the Finder Set Up FAQ article for more information.

Quick Start

Now, your Finder is ready to use learn more about how to use it, see Using Finder.

Next Step

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