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Teem Mobile App FAQ

Q. Why does the app require a calendar in order to book spaces?

When you want to find a space to collaborate with a colleague, take a private meeting, or have some quiet focus time you can use the Teem Mobile app to quickly find space you might need so you can focus on what really matters.  The Teem Mobile app works with your organization's calendars to help you to have accurate information on what spaces are available to you.

  • Room Resource Calendars – these are calendars set up by your company to manage the availability of that space. Only users that are within the company account are allowed to reserve resource space.  
  • Desk Resource Calendars – these are calendars set up by Teem to manage the availability of your desk spaces.  
  • Personal Calendar – this is your calendar, where you manage your meetings and availability. When you create a meeting and add a conference room to that meeting, you expect that reservation to be valid so the room is available to you when you need it.  

Teem Users vs your Company’s Users

When your company implements Teem, they will provision employees with a Teem user account. The username is required to sign in to Teem Mobile app and authenticate the calendar plugin.  

  • For most companies, the username utilized for your email and calendar is the same as the username provisioned in Teem. For example, my work email is and this is the same email I use to sign in to Teem mobile.  
  • Some companies, typically those using Microsoft products, utilize a User Principal Name (UPN) to keep their employee user organized between the many products your company uses. It is possible that your IT department could have provisioned your Teem user to be different than your UPN. If your calendar is associated with your UPN and not your primary email address, then you will need to use your UPN to link your calendar in the Teem Mobile app.  

Learn more about linking a calendar, see Link your Calendar.

Q. Why can’t I book a space with the calendar I have chosen? 

Be sure the calendar you link with the Teem Mobile app is associated with your company workspace. A personal calendar will not be able to reserve company resources. The calendar you sync with the Teem Mobile app has full edit permissions enabled.  For more details, see Download and Set up the Teem Mobile App article's Calendar Sync.

Q. Why can’t I add a space to a synced calendar event? 

You can only edit an event that you own. If you’re not the organizer of the event, you can still book a space for the duration of the event but it will create a new corresponding event in your calendar.

Q. Can I connect my personal calendar? 

No. The calendar you connect to the Teem Mobile app must be part of your company’s IT system. Rooms will not accept events when scheduled by a user outside of the company organization.   

Q. Why does it look like I’ve booked a room, but the event shows the room as declined? 

You have likely connected a calendar account that is not connected to your company's room resource account. This means the room has declined your reservation. Make sure the calendar you have linked in the teem mobile app, is a user within your company.  For more details, see Download and Set up the Teem Mobile App article's Calendar Sync.

Q. My company uses a user principal name (UPN) to manage our user directory. Should I use that to connect my calendar?

 Work with your IT department to understand which username should be used to link your company calendar within Teem. This user name could be different than the user name provisioned within  

Q. When does a room or a desk decline a meeting? 

It's possible that the moment you looked at the mobile map and wanted to book a space, your colleague was also eyeing that room and booked it just seconds before you. In that case, the person who booked a fragment of a second after the first person, will not get that space and will have to pick another. Your Teem Admin can also override a reservation from the admin portal if they need to use that space elsewhere. When a room or desk declines a reservation, you will get an email notification. Use Teem to find another available space! 

Q. How do you sync events from my calendar?

When you authenticate your calendar in Teem, it is considered the "source of truth" for your meeting schedule. That means we reference your calendar to check for your availability and to book spaces. The sync between your calendar and Teem is automatic but there could be minimal delays as we pass information between the mobile app and your calendar. The Agenda screen on the Teem Mobile app will accurately reflect all meetings on your work calendar, even if they were not booked using Teem.