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Using Teem Web App as a Location Admin

Location Admin can be set up for the building or for each floor and they have the permission to administer:

  • Directory - for the building or floor that you have been set up to be the Location Administrator for.

  • Space Profiles - the settings in the space profiles that are assigned to desks and rooms.

  • Meeting Services - the meeting services provided for your location.

  • Worklists - view and download the worklist that specifies the meeting services requested so these can be actioned for the upcoming meetings.

  • Reservation logs - if your organization requires spaces to be cleaned regularly you can view the reservation logs so the cleaning of space can be actioned.

  • Broadcasts - set up any broadcasts for your location where you can welcome visitors, make announcements, or display other messages to the Room Displays (using the EventBoard app) and remember these can be scheduled.

  • Monitoring - view the Room Displays device status or the Visitor Management device status in case the device goes offline. If the device is offline it will need to be investigated in case the battery is low, there is a faulty device, or the device has been tampered with. Remember if your devices are set up with a Monitoring Profile then alerts can be sent to your Location Admin or to your IT Support.