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Pre-invited Visitor Checks-in

You can pre-register the guests when you have organized an event, such as a product launch or a meeting with a third party. So when visitors come to your office, they can quickly check in from the Visitor Management lobby app. 

Learn how to invite guests  to an event and pre-register them from:

Pre-invited Visitor Checks-in

Your visitor arrives at your lobby and uses the Visitor Management device to check in.

LobbyConnect Main Page Have an Invite_redarrow.jpg

Tap the Have an invite? button.

A screen may come up asking why you are visiting.

LobbyConnect Visitor Typeof Selection.jpg


You will be asked for your name or email address.  This is the same information that was used when the email meeting was sent.

LobbyConnect HaveInvite Enter NameEmail.jpg

Next, enter your name or email address, and your name will display.

Tap your name to select it, and then tap the Go button.




As you are a pre-registered visitor, the Details screen will be populated. 

Quickly verify the details are correct, and then tap the Go button.

The Visitor Management app may display the following additional screens:

  • additional details
  • if your Admin has set up an NDA or another type of document for visitors to sign
  • you may be asked to have your photo taken for a badge


Read the document and then scroll down. The signature field displays ready for you to sign.


Use your finger to sign the document.

When their check-in is completed, their host will be notified.