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Set up a Space Profile to allow a specific Team to Book a Room

When you set up the room reservations this can be completed for a team so they can reserve the room.  

This example will explain how to only allow the Training team to reserve the Training room.


Step 1. Add User Group

As you want to restrict the desks to the  Support team, CSM team, and Technical Support team you will need to add a user group. Learn more in Add, Edit, or Delete a User Group.


Step 2. Assign User Accounts to the User Group

Next, add the user accounts to the user group. Learn more in Add a User Account to a User Group.


Step 3. Add a Space Profile to the Room

Finally, add the space profile to the training room and if you had training rooms on different floors then you can apply the space profile to these rooms too. Learn more in Add a Space Profile for a Training Room.


Now, your training team can reserve the Training room.