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#9 - Monitoring devices used with Teem

When you have devices in your organization it is very important to monitor them to make sure they are running correctly. Your Global Admin can set up Monitoring Profiles which are used to group physical devices used for Room Displays running the EventBoard app or Visitor Management running the LobbyConnect app.


  • Global Admin - Set up the monitoring profiles.

Initial Setup

Set up the monitoring profiles and add the devices to them, see Add, Edit, and Delete Monitoring Profiles.


Teem provides your Global Admin with tools for them to monitor the following:

  • Device's Status - Find out if a device is online or offline.
  • Device Alerts - This lists the alerts that have been generated by your devices. Remember these alerts have sent out an email notification to the person responsible and your Admin can review these let's to make sure they are actioned.
  • Calendar Sync - This provides details about your connected calendars and the sync status of those calendars.

Learn more in Monitor the Device's Health.

Also, devices can be monitored from the Location Directory when they need to find out if a device has a monitoring profile or not, or if they want to find out who is the contact person for the alerts. Learn more in Monitor Device's Health from Location Directory.

This is the last onboarding step

It's a wrap, you have completed the onboarding for using Teem!

If you want to complete the additional integrations and/or configuration, see Additional Integrations