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Below are the prerequisites for the Teem Implementation:


  • Customer’s IT Team - Complete the configuration for the Ports and IP Addresses and Wi-Fi recommendations.

  • Teem Implementation Team - Setting up the licenses for the Teem Account.

Ports and IP Addresses

Make sure specific ports and IP addresses are available for use with the Teem products and this is only necessary for organizations with certain firewalls and security measures in place.

Wi-Fi Recommendations

There are a few things you can do regarding Wi-Fi that will make for the best Teem experience possible for iOS devices running EventBoard and/or LobbyConnect. Use Teem Wi-Fi recommendations to optimize your Teem workplace experience.


Make sure you have enough licenses available.

  • Licenses for Desks - these licenses are applied automatically and you can not create a desk if you don't have an available license.
  • Licenses for Rooms - these licenses are applied automatically and they are attached to the room (not the device). See Licenses for Rooms.
  • Licenses for LobbyConnect Device(s) - these licenses are applied automatically and they are assigned to the device. See License a LobbyConnect Device.

If you need more licenses then contact your Account Manager.

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