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Finder Set Up FAQ

Finder is a space-booking and wayfinding tool that helps employees easily connect with their workplace community. It combines an intuitive touch interface with a seamless at-a-glance view of the workplace, making it easy to book rooms and desks ad hoc, locate assigned desks (with search functionality coming soon), and wayfinding via maps.

Q. What hardware should I buy for this?

Q. Will it run on an iPad or Android Tablet?

  • Yes. Finder runs on all modern web browsers. However, there are limitations with tablets in that you will likely have to deploy the URL in-person on the device. Some tablets will also show the browser address bar during the kiosk experience.

Q. What package is Finder Signage available in?

  • Finder is included in Enterprise subscription to Teem. Interactive features such as booking meetings or employee search require an Enterprise subscription. The non-interactive, view-only mode is available for all plans. This includes a non-interactive list mode. You're also responsible for purchasing touch-enabled hardware and any services you wish to use to manage relevant hardware.

Q. How much does Finder cost?

  • Finder is included in your Enterprise subscription to Teem. It requires an updated floor map, but that's it. You're also responsible for purchasing touch-enabled hardware.

Q. Does it require Teem Maps?

  • Finder list and non-interactive views are available for all subscriptions. Finder maps and interactive features are only available in our Enterprise package.

Q. Is Finder in sync with the rest of my room calendars and the Teem platform?

  • Yes. Finder is another touchpoint on top of the Teem platform and will show real-time availability of your office spaces, including rooms and desks.

Q. When a desk is reserved by someone on the mobile app or plug-ins, does it show up on Finder?

  • Yes. Desk reservations and permanent desk assignments will show up on Finder. The username from Teem will be displayed as a label on the assigned or reserved desk.

Q. What are Finder views? 

  • A Finder view is a unique configuration of Finder. Each view has its own unique URL which you can input into your digital signage service to deploy and manage remotely. For more information, see Create, Edit, and Deploy Finder Views

Q. Does the URL require authentication?

  • The URLs do not require authentication. This is by design so you can deploy them using your digital signage service. The URLs are made to be very long and obscure to keep them functionally impossible to guess.

Q. How often does a Finder view update?

  • Finder views refresh room data every 60 seconds. The views also hard refresh every 24 hours. There's no need to set your digital signage settings to update the link, as Teem does this programmatically. If you're inclined to set a refresh interval, we recommend setting the interval to once a week.

Q. Does configuring a map alter your base map file?

  • No. It only changes how it renders a unique Finder view.